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Technology Assistance: Home

Providing tutoring resources and tutorials on the lib guide to help students get familiar with technology.

The Learning Commons

We are proud to add Technology Assistance at the Learning Commons. We are happy to integrate writing, ESOL, and math tutoring with technology assistance and the library's research resources. We welcome all USM students and are happy to help if they are struggling in an area where we can meet their needs! You can find more information in the link below.

Other Links

As time goes on we will be adding helpful links!

Welcome Students

Welcome to the Technology Assistance page of The Learning Commons.  This page is a collection of resources for helping students to learn the technologies commonly used in courses at USM.  We are always adding new resources, so visit us regularly! 

NOTE:  if you need assistance with logins, connectivity, or other access issues, please contact the USM Help Desk at (207)780-4029, or visit their website:

What do the Tech Tutors do

The Tech Tutors are here to help you learn the technologies used in your classes so you can concentrate on your academics. This includes the Microsoft Office products and other tools related to your academic needs. Whether in-person or online, we will help you become more comfortable with the technologies you need to use.

You can schedule a free Tutoring appointment.

What Does This Website Offer

This website offers many tools for both the faculty and students of USM. Some of the different resources that are offered are:

  1. How-to guides on...
    1.  Microsoft Office
    2. Google Applications
    3. Voice Thread
    4. Adobe Connect
  2. Screen capturing programs such as Screencast-o-matic.
  3. Find out what software programs are available to you as a member of the USM community!
  4. Get Microsoft Office 365 for FREE!